Democracy and human rights watchdog organization Setara Institute, recorded an increase in the violation of religious freedom. Based on the...

None of the rulings passed in cases overseen by Akil Mochtar, the disgraced former chief justice of the Constitutional Court, passed muster, according to a survey of 200 experts looking back at the now corruption suspect’s record on the bench....

A survey published by the Setara Institute, a democracy watchdog, has found that the public wants the creation of a separate court to handle local election disputes and remove authority from the Constitutional Court.

The recent arrest of the Constitutional Court's chief justice has sent ripples across the country, tarnishing the reputation of the judicial institution -- an institution often held up as a rare example of...

Have you noticed that your refugees almost never come from Indonesia? They come through Indonesia. You worry about boats coming to Australia but these people use Indonesia as a stepping stone to get to you.

The government refuses to kowtow to hardliners who have been calling for a ban on the Ahmadiyah sect.

Outraged Miss World organizers and human rights activists have condemned the Indonesian government for its lack of support for the event, saying the last-minute decision to keep the entire pageant in Bali is yet another example of authorities...

The Bekasi district court on Thursday sentenced a man who threatened a Batak Protestant Congregation (HKBP) church pastor Palti Panjaitan, to two months in jail and six months probation.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono sought on Friday to defend Indonesia against accusations that the republic was descending into greater religious intolerance.

Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has called on Indonesian citizens to boost religious tolerance and respect diversity.


[21/01/2014 - 20:00]

Tahun 2013, sebagaimana tahun lainnya menjelang Pemilu lima tahunan, dalam kacamata kehidupan kebangsaan dan kenegaraan merupakan fase dimulainya tahun politik, sekaligus lembar akhir rapor kepresidenan SBY di Indonesia.


[19/02/2014 - 16:58]

Kekosongan posisi 2 (dua) hakim MK dan putusan MK No. 1-2/PUU-XII, justru disambut positif sejumlah politisi Senayan. Para politisi yang duduk sebagai anggota DPR berlomba-lomba mengikuti seleksi calon hakim MK perwakilan parlemen.